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Please choose the Software Solution that best suits your business.

Client-Server Software Solution
  • You store your database
  • Internet access not required
  • No monthly fees
WEB/Cloud Software Solution
  • Virtually run on any platform
  • Always up-to-date
  • Pay as you go

Please choose the Software Solution that best suits your business.

Employee Management Web Solution

Pay Period Types4 Types: Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly,Monthly
Overtime LevelsSupports 3 Levels
Overtime Calculation Modes3 Types: Weekly/Biweekly, Daily, Consecutive
Types of Shifts (Schedules)3 Types: Fixed, Flexible, Floater
Types of Wages3 Types: Hourly, Salary, Calculated Salary
Unlimited Headquarters, Divisions, Groups, Departments, Jobs, Categories, Shifts, Pay Policies and Technical Support.
Fill in the number of employees and users.        

Maximum # of Employees:         
Concurrent Users:

Main Features

Device Polling Attendance
Miscellaneous EntriesPC Clock
Display MispunchesManual Timecard Editing
Status BoardBuilt-in Payroll Export
Sending Reports by E-MailReport Export
WagesBenefit Assignment
Shift DifferentialLunches/Breaks
Simple RoundingWrong Transactions
Optional Data migrationDevice Messages
Badge TransferBadge Backup/Restore
Badge ManagementAuto Sending Reports by E-Mail
Global TransactionsReprocess
Auto Polling from DevicesAuto DB Backup
Employee Import From FileUser Permissions
Employee Export to FileAlerts
Database Backup/RestoreDatabase Purge
Configuration WizardRemote Client
Support RequestNetwork Version


$46.28 / month