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Company News

AMGtime Scores New Company Face-lift!


Did you notice our new haircut?  AMG time has revamped its look, with a great, new logo!  Designed by Alex Graphix, the company's new logo is modern, corporate, and stands for a lot more than just the company name.  AMG time is here to tell every company facing the modern day challenges of technology, time and attendance, and budget issues, that it's "Time for the Next Level".  Time for the next level, meaning, time for businesses to stop stressing over budget; AMG time is affordable!  Time for the next level of technology; time to quit using old, out-dated equiptment in your daily business routines.  And time for the next level of your time and attendance; stop using a system that's not making your life at work EASIER!  The bars on our new logo represent these "levels".  The colors stay true to our original company look, staying with the ever-popular "corporate blue".  Another thing you might notice about the logo, is that the arch is used in conjunction with the A to give an illusion of a clock (the A being the hour and minute hands.  There are a lot more new, great things ahead for this company!  You can hop on or hop off, but this train AIN'T STOPPIN'! "CHUGGA CHUGGA- CHOO- CHOO!"

AMG Travel Notice!


AMG time will be showing their products at the Annual HR in Hospitality Conference in exciting Las Vegas, NV from April 28-29 2014!  Come on out, whether you're in the industry of hospitality, just curious to see what we're all about at AMG time, or are an existing customer who just wants to say hi!

Contact us for a FREE TICKET to the expo!

Can't wait to see you there!

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