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AMG Software Module Time Restrictions Pro

AMG Software Module Time Restrictions Pro

  • This access control feature allows administrative users to restrict an employee’s access to the terminal based on punch time and day of the week. If your terminals support the access control feature and you want to restrict access based on time, this is the feature for you!

You will have the ability to create access time zones and assign up to 3 different time zones to each employee separately. For example, if your shift is 8am-5pm and you allow employees to start clocking in only 5 minutes before the shift begins and for 15 minutes after the shift ends, then you have created a 9 hour 20 minute period during which an employee can punch in or out.  The employee will be locked out of the device during any other period.

  AMG Software Module Time Restrictions Pro

Moreover, if access time zones depend on employees’ work schedules, then you can also define access time intervals for each shift and automatically synchronize with the terminals. This will make the access restrictions assignment process much easier and save you significant time, especially if employees’ schedules change from week to week.

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