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AMG Software Module Punch Monitor Pro

AMG Software Module Punch Monitor Pro

  • This module allows for real-time monitoring of punches.

Punch Monitor is a special built-in screen that shows information regarding employees who are punching. This module can be integrated with all web ready or real-time devices.

The following information is displayed on the screen immediately following punching:

  • Employee’s full name, badge number and photo
  • Headquarters, division, group
  • Message (if applicable)
  • Last 3 transactions
  • Total worked hours in current pay period
  • Benefits (how much is left for each category)
  • Schedule of upcoming 7 days
  AMG Software Module Punch Monitor Pro

Punch Monitor can be highly useful in different cases. For example, if you want to convey a message to employees, you can assign a message to them,and it will appear on the Punch Monitor screen each time after employees punch , until you remove the message.

Also, if you are using a proximity card system, Punch Monitor may help you eliminate buddy punching, as far as the screen is displaying  the photo of the employee, to whom the card belongs.

Punch Monitor module can only be used if you have the additional AMG Web Device Manager Software, which should be installed in the computer where the Punch Monitor screen is going to be used. Also, Punch Monitor only works with real-time devices. Check your device compatibility with your software provider.

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