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AMG Software Module Advanced Rounding

AMG Software Module Advanced Rounding

The Advanced Rounding module is mostly used for the following two purposes:

  • Possibility of more flexible rounding configuration
  • Possibility of evaluating employee attendance based on their punch times

Advanced Rounding applies for In/Out, Lunch and Break rounding rules. In all these cases, configuration of rounding rules is based on the time intervals around the scheduled start/stop time or scheduled duration. Moreover, the user has the possibility to define as many custom time intervals as needed. Another advantage is that Advanced In/Out Rounding rules can work not only with Fixed Shifts (as Simple Rounding does), but also with Flex shifts.

When using Advanced Rounding, there is a possibility to assign each time interval to an Attendance Code (e.g. Early In, Late Out, Long Lunch, etc.). Each attendance code has a corresponding value -either positive or negative (e.g. "1" for Early In, "-1" for Late In, etc.). As a result, for each punch (early, late or on time) employees acquire an attendance value and then those values are summarized in a special Attendance report for evaluating employee attendance. This evaluation is commonly known in the industry as the Attendance Point System.

  AMG Software Module Advanced Rounding

This module allows for more flexible rounding configurations and also for evaluating employees’ attendance through an Attendance Point System.

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